Taylor Zanke

Taylor Zanke is an artist who makes books, models, drawings, documents, and photographs, among other media. He strives to understand the languages used in the Present to discuss the Future and the Past, and in so doing develop the perspective to realize alternative compositional and existential realities.

Through the reinterpretation of existing artifacts, and the production of new ones, Taylor questions the interrelations between subject matter and material, content and form. He strives to bring the body of the everyday into a body of work in order to open the banal to possibilities of critique, judgement, and reflection. He suggests that things which may be misconstrued to merely possess form can in fact be composed: that which has form has not necessarily been formed, and that which has been formed has not necessarily become formalized within a practice of art-making.

It is through this effort that he seeks to bring forth a transition from a world which we feel is inevitable to a world which we feel is filled with potential.